Got BIG files?

The holiday season has started early for me as I received one of the BEST gifts ever this morning! I consider myself to now be "enlightened"! What is all the excitement? Check out www.yousendit.com to share in my enthusiasm.

So often, I am plagued with the challenge of transmitting large attachments into cyberspace. For my clients who do not have ftp sites, or for those who have limitations and file size restrictions on their email accounts, I am constantly required to burn CD's and jump in my car for a speedy delivery.

Until this morning...

A colleague of mine informed me of a FREE...yes I said FREE service available on the web called "you send it dot com". It works very much like an ftp site by allowing you to upload your file onto a secure area of this website, then an email including a link to that file is sent to your intended recipient who can then access the link and download the file without clogging up email flow! The limit is up to 1GB - so most Photoshop files will fit as well!

I cannot tell you what a time saver this is! I am sharing my first gift of the season with you all! Give it a try - it is quick, easy and efficient!

I love that site. I have used it several times, and have it bookmarked in my favorites. Great post Tracy.
Outstanding! I think you can guess why I'm excited about this service. And wouldn't you know it, I just ordered a new supply of CD-R's and DVD-R's!
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