Congratulations to Mike Kurtz and Media Production Group

The Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association is proud to congratulate Mike Kurtz of the University of Dayton's Media Production Group for "sweeping the awards night" at last night's Dayton Ad Club Annual Hermes Awards. Mike and his group not only won for "BEST IN SHOW", but were also recognized in the category of self-promotion for the advertising industry. In fact, they received two of the highly acclaimed and legendary "heads" by achieving a "tie" with themselves!

Best in Show and TWO Hermes Gold ADDY awards! Way to go!

Oh...by the way...Mike will be presenting to the Dayton AMA Chapter on March 8th - come meeet the local celebrity in person!
For more details, or to register:

We are so proud to honor and recognize Mike and the entire Media Production Group! I can speak from first-hand experience that Mike is the best! He and his team are a perfect mix of creativity, innovation and collaboration!

Congrats Mike!!!!!

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