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Well Greg Evans (aka~ “El Presidente”) and I have survived another AMA Leadership Summit. It was a very worthwhile weekend! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Leadership Summit, it is a wonderful opportunity that each of you should experience. It is sponsored, hosted and created by IH of the AMA and held in Chicago every year. It is an invaluable weekend of networking with other chapters from around the country to gain insight, best practices, lessons learned and leadership training. Greg and I absorbed many new great ideas and we had our spirits rejuvenated quite a bit! In short, we are PUMPED for this upcoming year! The incoming Board is full of fresh new faces with just the right mix of industry experience, creativity and energy! We are very positive about next year! Over the next few weeks, you will probably hear from Greg and have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with him to discuss your individual AMA goals. And then, sooner than you will expect…the Summer Planning Retreat will be here! We are fortunate enough to have Ric Sweeney of the AMA PCC (Professional Chapters Council) joining us. He will be serving as our facilitator. He is an AMA “veteran” and should prove to help us develop a plan for success!

May is our last regular meeting and I hope that you all can make it! I am truly looking forward to working with each of you and I hope you are ready for anything! It is going to be a year like no other!

During the interim periods, if any of you would like to contact me, please feel free to use any means listed below.


Tracy Martin
Shook National Corporation
Marketing Coordinator
4977 Northcutt Place
Dayton, Ohio 45414
937.276.6666 phone
937.276.6663 x 231 direct
937.276.6669 fax
Dayton American Marketing Association
President-Elect '05-'06
VP Programming '05-'06

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