Marketing Manager Position Available with Elliot Tool

Looking for a job? Mike Nemeth at Elliot Tool forwarded the posting below.

Marketing Manager

Major Duties:

Candidate must have:
More information is available at http://www.elliott-tool.com/employment.htm.

Next Step:
Interested candidates should outline their ability to succeed in a cover letter with an attached
resume. This should be sent in an Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word file format to

Elliott Tool Technologies - Tube Cleaners, Tube Plugs, Tube Tools, Tube Cutters, Tube Expanders, Expanders, Tube Pullers, Burnishing Tools

Picture of the Week

Happy Halloween!

Shafor Ave., Oakwood

Woodland Cemetery


Green is good at TechTown

How can a city market itself? Well, Dayton is taking a shot at it with the development of TechTown. TechTown will be located on a 30 acre riverfront site near 5th 3rd Field, formerly occupied by GM. The interesting part of this new development is that the complex is going to be designed to be green. (environmentally friendly) That makes the project not just another downtown development, but something perhaps worth remarking about. In a city that has seen its fair share of bad news, this is a step in the right direction.Green is good at TechTown


Picture of the Week


Columbus Marathon

October 16, 2005


Finding the Light!!!

DO NOT MISS the November meeting of the Dayton AMA. The featured speaker will be Jim Crotty, owner of Picturesque Ohio. Jim's topic, "Finding the Light" is a discussion of how to bring passion into what you do. The meeting will be held at the Schuster Center in downtown Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday, November 9th, 2005. The meeting lasts from 11:30 until 1:00 with the first 1/2 hour set aside for networking and friendly conversation. Go to the Dayton AMA homepage to reserve your spot today.Neo Photog

Church of the Customer Blog: The McChronicles of McDonald's

Today I point you to a terrific post on the Church of the Customer blog. The post revolves around the story of a man who loves McDonald's. In fact he loves them so much he started a blog, The McChronicles, logging his experiences in the stores, his impressions of their products and services, and his views on their marketing strategies. This is such a great post about the power of the customer and the need for businesses to listen, learn, and take action.Church of the Customer Blog: The McChronicles of McDonald's


Fred Factor...Are You A Fred?

My friend Derek told me about the book The Fred Factor , by Mark Sanborn a few months ago, and I was interested to read it. Well, I finally bought the book last week and thumbed through it, and it was as good as advertised. The Fred Factor is based on the story of the author's mailman, Fred, and his ability to do a regular job with such passion and enthusiasm that it was no longer regular, but remarkable. Thus, the Fred Factor was born. This book is a very easy read, and presents some easy to implement but very effective concepts. The Four Principles of the Fred Factor are: Everyone Makes a Difference, Everything is Built on Relationships, You Must Continually Create Value For Others (and it doesn't have to cost a penny), and You Can Reinvent Yourself Regularly. The book elaborates on these general principles in a way that is easy to understand. If you are looking for a good read, check out The Fred Factor.Fred Factor...Are You A Fred?

Seth's Blog: The proximity effect

Seth Godin discussed something he termed The Proximity Effect in his blog yesterday. It is an interesting post about how it is important to be different but in the right way. It is not bad to be compared to the competition, to be placed next to another, provided you have some tangible difference that is of value. As Seth says, "Competition lets you sell the difference, not the whole thing." If you were placed side by side with your biggest competitor, would anyone be able to tell you apart? Would anyone choose you? Why? Not everyone will choose you. That is alright. Figure out who would and why, and engage them. Seth's Blog: The proximity effect


Picture of the Week

Coming Attractions . . .

Last October at Rose Lake, Hocking Hills State Park, just a short hike from the Inn at Cedar Falls. I can't wait to return for this year's show.

Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs' presentation style...and all that jazz

As you may or may not know, Apple put on a presentation Wednesday to announce the release of the new iMac, iPod, and iTunes. Presentation Zen has an excellent review of the presentation delivered by Steve Jobs. While you may not be able to hire Winton Marsalis for your next project meeting, you can incorporate the many of the personal elements that make Mr. Jobs so amazing into your own presentations.Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs' presentation style...and all that jazz


Duct-tape To Go - Lifehacker

This post has nothing to do with marketing, but I can't resist Duct Tape posts. I love duct tape. Combined it with WD 40 in the tool belt and you are pretty much unstoppable. As a result, I link to this post by Lifehacker on how to take Duct Tape with you.Duct-tape To Go - Lifehacker

Bridging the Gap

Special thanks to Rod Sommer from LJB Inc and his special guest Maureen Blandford, who spoke to the Dayton AMA at yesterday's meeting. They teamed up to address the issue of, "Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing," and it was an excellent presentation. Of particular interest was Rod's strategy of pushing the principals in the firm, many of them engineers by trade, out into the marketplace as consultative sales reps. Coming soon to Dayton AMA Blog will be an interview with Maureen about her new book. Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting, and to Rod and Maureen for doing such an excellent job.LJB Inc.


You may have read the series of postings I put up last week by John Moore from his site Brand Autopsy on the concept of Tribal Knowledge at Starbucks. Well, if you enjoyed them, good news. John is coming out with a book based on the concepts he learned from his experience at Starbucks. I can't wait to read it. I will keep you posted as the release date nears.Brand Autopsy: TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE | THE BOOK



Proof that Dayton AMA blog is fun too. Check out 5ives. This site is all about lists, you guessed it, in groups of 5. One example, Five favorite new wave drummers. Topping the list, Stewart Copeland (The Police). I concur with that assessment. The site is a lot of fun, and worth at least a look.5ives


Delphi CEO warns automakers

Delphi CEO Robert Miller Jr. went out on a limb and warned the big 3 automakers that they could be next. Is this shocking news to anyone? They are all rated horribly by S&P, and they lag further and further behind in the industry in terms of innovation. Look at the marketing efforts of the big 3 over the last year and you will see all of them competing by slashing prices, 0% financing, and employee discounts. When your marketing mix consists of buying thousands of expensive and useless television ads advertising the fact that you are the cheapest, you are in trouble. Delphi CEO warns automakers


Register Today!

Don't forget to register for next Wednesday's lunch meeting of the Dayton AMA at the Schuster center in downtown Dayton. The speaker will be Rod Sommer, corporate marketing director for LJB Inc. He will discussing "Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing," which is always a hot topic. Register today!Welcome - AMA Dayton Chapter - daytonama.marketingpower.com

Presentation Zen: The "Lessig Method" of presentation

Looking for a better way to convey your ideas through powerpoint? Check out the Lessig Method of presentation. Another minimalist approach that shows how in Powerpoint, often less is more. Thanks to Presentation Zen for the original post, which also has great presentation examples from Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, and others.Presentation Zen: The "Lessig Method" of presentation

Photo of the Week

What's Old is New Again . . .

Last Sunday at the annual Dawn Patrol at the U.S.A.F. Museum, WPAFB.

Fly-in and display of WWI-era aircraft, automobiles and costumed participants.

Seth's Blog: What's RSS?

Those of you who regularly check out the Dayton AMA Blog (I realize that # may be small) may recognize this post. I think is it just to important a post not to re-post. IF YOU ARE NOT USING RSS YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON AN AWESOME TOOL! Read this post by Seth Godin. Follow the instructions. Enjoy the new web! Then subscribe to the DaytonAMA RSS Feed and others!Seth's Blog: What's RSS?


It's Alive! Check out Squidoo and the SquidBlog! Better yet make sure to download the free ebook Everyone's an Expert that provides some context for Seth Godin's newest project. Squidoo looks to be yet another amazing offering from Seth. I can't wait to learn more...SquidBlog � Blog Archive � Squidoo is about communicating meaning.

Kettering's ingenuity paying off

This is Marketing! Kettering is trying to tell a story; to create a community that is perceived as prosperous. The city has taken a proactive approach, torn down decaying buildings, redeveloped vacant and stagnant sites, enticed new businesses to locate in the community and fostered the growth of the city. This is an approach that the rest of the Dayton area should be emulating, as the jobs of yesterday's economy leave town. Kettering is doing something about its future, not just passively sitting idle as the world passes by.Kettering's ingenuity paying off

Brand Autopsy: Foster Healthy Dialogue

In the eighth post in his series about Tribal Knowledge at Starbucks, John Moore outlines the company's rules for Effective Meetings
For Starbucks, an effective meeting follows these seven rules:
1| Has clear objectives
2| Follows a focused agenda
3| Begins and ends on time
4| Has a designated leader and attendees have clear roles
5| Fosters open, honest discussion
6| Communicates next steps and responsibilities
7| Fulfills its objectives

Brand Autopsy: Foster Healthy Dialogue

Brand Autopsy: Participation is the Price of Admission

In post # 7 on Starbucks Tribal Knowledge, John Moore discusses the participatory culture that exists within the organization. "Coasting will not get you far."Brand Autopsy: Participation is the Price of Admission


Brand Autopsy: Locationing is Advertising

More from Moore. John Moore on the importance of Location in marketing. Brand Autopsy: Locationing is Advertising


Brand Autopsy: Re-Org Your Org Chart

This is the best post yet in the great series by John Moore on Tribal Knowledge at Starbucks. Re-org your org chart. Check out the org chart that is used to illustrate what a customer-first business looks like.
Brand Autopsy: Re-Org Your Org Chart

Brand Autopsy: The Excess of Access

No, John Moore has not hijacked this site... Yes, his series on Tribal Knowledge at Starbucks is excellent reading. Check out his 4th post in the series, The Excess of Access. In this installment, John discusses the shift in strategy by Starbucks as a result of their phenominal growth. Brand Autopsy: The Excess of Access

Brand Autopsy: Touchology Trumps Technology

John Moore continues his series of posts about Tribal Knowledge and Starbucks, with his third post on the subject entitled Touchology Trumps Technology. Again John is right on the money. "For Starbucks, high-touching its business is about empowering and trusting store partners to be real, to be genuine, and by all means … to be human." This post is so true. How many businesses have attempted to shortcut true and genuine relationships with their customers with Technology? How many times has it actually worked? I was listening to "Free Prize Inside" (again) by Seth Godin on the way to work today and this ties right in with his points. Soft innovation is King. The Free Prize of having a fantastic coffee made just how you want, by someone who is interesting and interested in you is worth paying for, and costs little or nothing to produce. GREAT POST JOHN!!!Brand Autopsy: Touchology Trumps Technology


Brand Autopsy: Make the Common Uncommon

In the second post is a series of posts about Tribal Knowledge and Starbucks, John Moore discusses the idea of making the common uncommon. This is a great take on taking something as simple as coffee and making it truly remarkable. Brand Autopsy: Make the Common Uncommon


Brand Autopsy: Building the Business Creates the Brand

John Moore at Brand Autopsy, is discussing the success of Starbucks, and how the brand is a by-product of the business. I am in absolute agreement with John's assessment. "Your business is your brand." Great post.Brand Autopsy: Building the Business Creates the Brand

Brand Autopsy: Building the Business Creates the Brand

John Moore at Brand Autopsy, is discussing the success of Starbucks, and how the brand is a by-product of the business. I am in absolute agreement with John's assessment. "Your business is your brand." Great post.Brand Autopsy: Building the Business Creates the Brand

The War of Art

I love to share, especially when it comes to reading. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is excellent. The book is all about overcoming resistance to achieve your dreams. It is a very candid, straightforward look at how to approach life with passion and get more out of your life. The chapters are short, and get right to the point. A great read, and as claimed on the cover "a kick in the ass!"
The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks... - Google Print

Boing Boing: Duct-tape band-aids

Duct Tape Rules! Check out this post about duct tape bandages.Boing Boing: Duct-tape band-aids

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