February Meeting Cancelled, March Meeting Set

Please note that the February 8th, Regional Marketing Student Conference has been cancelled. The Dayton AMA would like to apologize for any inconvenience or frustration caused by this cancellation.

On a positive note:
Please join us at the Schuster Center on March 8th from 11:30 - 1:00 as Mike Kurtz of Media Production Group at the University of Dayton will speak about "Trends in Video Production and Rich Media for Marketing Communications.".

I will also be leading a Java Talk roundtable discussion in late February about the internet, blogs and marketing. More details to come soon!



Seth's Blog: Flipping the Funnel--new ebook

A little over a week ago, I linked to a post by Seth Godin about the idea of the funnel. He has now released a free e-book, Flipping the Funnel, that elaborates on the points he made in the original post. It is excellent look at the power of the customer, the potential of the internet, and future of business. Did I mention that it is FREE. Download it today. Read it tonight. Comment on it here.
Seth's Blog: Flipping the Funnel--new ebook


Firefox Rocks!

Why am I such a big proponent of Firefox as a browser? Well there are countless reasons including security, built in RSS, customizability, and sheer enjoyment of the web. One great example is the integrated search bar. In the toolbar you can set firefox to search google, yahoo, amazon, the food network, wikipedia, and more. Firefox makes the web better. Download it today.


Picture of the Week

Wednesday morning, January 18, 2006

Grant Park - Centerville, Ohio

Digital capture converted to black and white, by Jim Crotty


Seth's Blog: Understanding the funnel

Do you read Seth Godin's blog? Do you subscribe to the RSS feed? Do you Squidoo? If you are in Marketing the answer to all 3 questions should be YES. So much great information, so little time.
Seth's Blog: Understanding the funnel


Marketing Communications

I am working on a new resource for marketing professionals. It is through Squidoo, and is a lens devoted to Marketing Communications. Dave's Marcom Lens can be found at www.squidoo.com/MARCOM/ Please check it out, and offer your feedback. Further, create a lens for yourself. It is easy, fun, and a great learning experience.
Squidoo : Lenses : Marketing Communications


I came across this article in AdAge, and I think it is a must read. Simon Dumenco has a brilliant take on the web, with relation to blogs. According to Dumenco "the lines between blog and non-blog content are rapidly dissolving." I could not agree more with the assessment he offers up. Blogs make it easy to communicate. The word blog carries a strange connotation with it; painting a picture for many of a personal diary or journal. Sure they can be those things, but that is a very limited view. Blogs are really just web sites that are updated with new content regularly, which by the way makes them often perform better in search engines than normal static pages. They can be just as much about business as they can about tech toys, or personal journals. It is a means of delivery. The businesses that embrace the idea that blogs can build awareness, increase traffic, and create meaningful conversations are going to benefit. Those that continue to look at blogs as some scary corner of the web will do so at their peril.
As a funny note: The dictionary built into Blogger, does not recognize the word blog.


Reynolds & Reynolds Launches New CRM Solution

I love to highlight positive events when I see them happen here in Dayton. Reynolds & Reynolds announced the release of a new CRM solution today. The details of the new solution are available on their site. The new system is designed to help automotive dealerships better serve their prospects and customers. I hope that this will create continued growth for ReyRey- an important part of the Dayton economy.
News Release


Picture of the Week

Winter Moon


Thanks Roger and Catherine Peters from Signs Now

On behalf of the Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association, I would like to thank Roger and Catherine Peters from Signs Now for their outstanding presentation at today's meeting. Among other things, the presentation dealt with vehicle wrapping (think Best Buy Geek Squad Cars) and trade show & event marketing. Roger offered concise, common sense advise as well as some amazing statistics regarding the reach of vehicle wrapping. Additionally, he provided some great advice for making trade show booths less expensive to put together, more impactful on your audience, and more dynamic over time. He also fielded a slew of questions from the group, and provided responses that were helpful and informative. Thanks so much Roger and Catherine for everything.
Note: Our next chapter meeting will be at Sinclair Community College on February 8th. It will feature Jeff Milgrom, President and CEO of Event Marketing Strategies. More information will be coming soon.
www.signsnowdayton.com - Signs Now - Beavercreek, Oh


Check out Squidoo!

Are you looking for information about something? Try Squidoo, where everyone's an expert on something. One fantastic example of what you can find on Squidoo is the Customer Service Reader page. This lens has a vast array of information about how you can better serve your customers. You can even build your own lenses. I build one called "The Know." It has a ton of Dayton related content like DDN headlines, links to Dayton AMA, excerpts from the Dayton AMA blog and voice, and even today's weather forecast updated regularly. Admittedly, it could use some fine tuning, but it was fun and easy to build. Check it out, and then build your own lens. Let me know once you do so I can put you in "The Know."
Squidoo Homepage


Creating a community!

destinationCRM.com discusses the corporate blog, and its emergence as a tool for creating meaningful conversations with prospects and customers. This is a very good article that discusses the past, present, and future of the web as a marketing tool. According to Chris Kenton, senior vice president of the CMO Council and blog writer, "The whole game is changing." "Now smart organizations are trying to cultivate a community, inviting members into a dialogue without being intrusive." This blog, like others, is designed to do precisely that. We want more people to be a part of this great organization. We are building a community of brilliant minds. We are evangelizing the value and purpose of marketing, and creating a dialogue. Join the conversation. Post a comment, come to a meeting, or better yet Join the AMA today. Make a difference. Feel "the power of marketing."
destinationCRM.com: A New Marketing Medium


KnowThis: For Marketing, Market Research, Internet Marketing, Advertising and more

Every now and then we all need a little refresher course. If you are looking for a great source of fundamental marketing information try Knowthis.com. It has an extensive catalog of information about marketing, interesting articles, case studies, and links to other great sites. Check it out today, and bookmark it for your future reference needs.
P.S.remember that marketingpower.com, the official site of the AMA, also has some great material.
KnowThis: For Marketing, Market Research, Internet Marketing, Advertising and more

Dayton on the Coffee Table

Yesterday I received my complimentary copy of Dayton: On the Wings of Progress, a newly released coffee-table style book on the history of Dayton along with profiles of the community and local businesses. The book was written by Lester Reingold and published by the Cherbo Publishing Group, Inc. out of Encino, California. The day before I ordered a copy from Amazon. That's typical of my luck and timing, but that's okay, I don't mind having two copies. It's a good book, with an attractive layout, well-written copy and thorough research. The book also includes some great images, both old and new.

What's really great about this book (now listen for the sound of my horn tooting) is that the main editorial section includes three of my photographs, all full-page, of Riverscape, the Schuster Center and the Dayton Air Show. The business profiles section also includes some of the images that I took last year for a local business.

If you are a resident and/or business owner of Dayton, I highly recommend purchasing this book - for your coffee table as well as lobbies and customer waiting areas.

NPR : Advertising Strategies Challenged in High-Tech Age

All Things Considered on NPR had a great piece by Robert Smith on the current state of advertising. The piece discusses the demise of Mass Media and traditional 30 second ads and the rise of product placement, and permission marketing, and other emerging trends. The piece does not propose that advertising is dead, just that it is radically changing. Are you moving toward the future, or clinging to the past? What do you think about the future of advertising?
NPR : Advertising Strategies Challenged in High-Tech Age


January AMA Dayton Meeting Information

Thanks Megan for putting this post together!

I just wanted to let all of you know that our next chapter meeting is on Wednesday, January 11th, registration and networking from 11:30-12:00 and the lunch and program begin at 12:00.

Location of Event: Schuster Center

Speaker: Roger and Cathy Peters from Signs Now in Beavercreek, Ohio

Topic: "Special Event Marketing, Trade Show Trends and Emerging Ways of Leveraging Your Marketing Messages"

Description: Who hasn't seen one of those cute little Geek Squad cars buzzing around town these days? Vehicle wrapping is one of the hottest trends in emerging marketing formats. Also, in the world of marketing, we all attend trade shows - come find out about the latest innovations and how to 'stand out from the crowd'!

You can register online at http://daytonama.marketingpower.com/content31922C4953.php

Be sure to tell your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about this event.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

CM_Jan06 - AMA Dayton Chapter - daytonama.marketingpower.com

Blogosopher » Blog Archive » Feb. 4 2006 Saturday Seminar announced

Are you finally ready to join the blogosphere? If so, David Esrati has put together blogosopher, a great seminar offering thorough instruction on how to build a website that will attract more traffic to your business. The seminar is unblelievably affordable, and has had a lot of positive feedback. For more information on the upcoming February 4th seminar, check out http://blogosopher.com
Blogosopher » Blog Archive » Feb. 4 2006 Saturday Seminar announced


Guy Kawasaki holding free online seminar Jan 4th

Guy Kawasaki has joined the blogosphere with his new site "Let The Good Times Roll." Guy is a respected author and visionary leader, and I am looking forward to reading his posts. In addition to launching his site, Guy is hosting a free online seminar tomorrow at 1:00p.m. It should prove to be outstanding.

Video conferencing, net meeting, and web conferencing solutions Raindance

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