Dayton on the Coffee Table

Yesterday I received my complimentary copy of Dayton: On the Wings of Progress, a newly released coffee-table style book on the history of Dayton along with profiles of the community and local businesses. The book was written by Lester Reingold and published by the Cherbo Publishing Group, Inc. out of Encino, California. The day before I ordered a copy from Amazon. That's typical of my luck and timing, but that's okay, I don't mind having two copies. It's a good book, with an attractive layout, well-written copy and thorough research. The book also includes some great images, both old and new.

What's really great about this book (now listen for the sound of my horn tooting) is that the main editorial section includes three of my photographs, all full-page, of Riverscape, the Schuster Center and the Dayton Air Show. The business profiles section also includes some of the images that I took last year for a local business.

If you are a resident and/or business owner of Dayton, I highly recommend purchasing this book - for your coffee table as well as lobbies and customer waiting areas.

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