Brand Autopsy: Touchology Trumps Technology

John Moore continues his series of posts about Tribal Knowledge and Starbucks, with his third post on the subject entitled Touchology Trumps Technology. Again John is right on the money. "For Starbucks, high-touching its business is about empowering and trusting store partners to be real, to be genuine, and by all means … to be human." This post is so true. How many businesses have attempted to shortcut true and genuine relationships with their customers with Technology? How many times has it actually worked? I was listening to "Free Prize Inside" (again) by Seth Godin on the way to work today and this ties right in with his points. Soft innovation is King. The Free Prize of having a fantastic coffee made just how you want, by someone who is interesting and interested in you is worth paying for, and costs little or nothing to produce. GREAT POST JOHN!!!Brand Autopsy: Touchology Trumps Technology

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