Delphi CEO warns automakers

Delphi CEO Robert Miller Jr. went out on a limb and warned the big 3 automakers that they could be next. Is this shocking news to anyone? They are all rated horribly by S&P, and they lag further and further behind in the industry in terms of innovation. Look at the marketing efforts of the big 3 over the last year and you will see all of them competing by slashing prices, 0% financing, and employee discounts. When your marketing mix consists of buying thousands of expensive and useless television ads advertising the fact that you are the cheapest, you are in trouble. Delphi CEO warns automakers

Dave - no shock here.

Prior to returning to college in 1985, I drove a route delivery truck in Dayton and Toledo. I delivered uniforms and entrance mats to many of the unionized auto parts suppliers as well as some of the GM, Ford and Jeep production plants. I'd bust my rear humping shop towels, mats and uniforms all over these places. Almost inevitably I'd hear this comment from the employees - "hey kid, slow down and stop working so hard." Sometimes they were actually angry.
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