Do you use RSS?

Are you familiar with RSS? It stands for really simple syndication. What it does is bring the web, well the parts of the web you like, to you. RSS can be used to monitor your favorite web sites, and will notify you when they are updated. Want to know what the headlines in the Dayton Daily News business section are? Subscribe to the RSS feed and they are sent to you every day. Then you can simply scroll through them in a matter of seconds, stopping if something catches your eye. It allows one to survey an incredible amount of information with a minimal amount of effort. I personally subscribe to about 30 feeds, from marketing to local news, to the New York Times. RSS will be included as a standard part of the next Microsoft operating system, Longhorn, and is going to be a very prominent part of the way in which businesses and individuals use the web in coming years. Learn about it now and get ahead of the game.
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