Great Service Can Be As Simple As Vanilla Wafers

My wife surprised me this morning by calling me and asking me if I would like to meet her and my daughter for lunch. I gladly accepted her invite and met her at a restuarant called Johnny Carino's. (I know it is a chain restaurant, but that is beside the point.) We were promptly seated, and our order taken. Pretty standard. As we sat at the table a cook from the kitchen came out and said "hello" to my little girl. He was very friendly and he brought her out a nice dish of vanilla wafers on the house while we waited for her mac & cheese to arrive. She loved them, and I really appreciated the gesture. Later another cook came by an said hello as well. She asked how our food was, and joked with my daughter, who was suddenly uncharacteristically shy, for a few minutes. It was a very nice lunch, and I would like to say how impressed I was by the fact the people there actually wanted us to enjoy dining in their restaurant. Seems like that would be the goal of every restaurant, but it is seldom achieved. Great service can be as simple as a dish of vanilla wafers. It is all about making an effort.

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