USATODAY.com - Population boom spawns super cities

Haya El Nasser has a great article in USA Today discussing the emergence of megapolitan areas. What does this mean to Dayton? Well, it means a lot. Dayton is right in the middle of an enourmous megapolitan area which includes Detroit and Cincinnati. Want proof of the Megapolitan trend of cities growing into larger economic regions. Alright, Drive on I 75 or I 70 in any direction. The distance between cities in miles is the same as it was 20 years ago. The scenery between them is not. Look at the Dayton to Cincinnati journey. Towns like Springboro, Centerville, Mason, Monroe, and West Chester are booming. Warren and Butler county are growing. It is ever more common for households to have one person working in Cincinnati and one in Dayton. Alright, I know I am sort of stating what is obvious here, but stick with me. This growth means that businesses must think beyond the boundaries of cities or metropolitan areas. There is tremendous opportunity for businesses to grow like never before; capitalizing on larger markets, greater resources, and larger professional networks. With the increased opportunity comes the increased threat of new competitors. It is not a long jump for a successful business in Columbus or Indianapolis to start an operation in Dayton. Technology makes this move easier than ever. Great marketers will recognize this trend and capitalize on it. Great marketers, like you, will be looking at the resources of the region, positioning your business for success in the megapolitan environment that is emerging. Great marketers will not be surprised to see a LaRosa's pizza thriving in Centerville, or a Flying Pizza thriving in Mason. Are you thinking about the megapolitan area? You should be.
USATODAY.com - Population boom spawns super cities

This is a great advantage for organizations but a disadvantage due to eminent domain.
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