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Fortune Magazine calls RSS "one of the most powerful technologies of the internet age." Do you use it? I was introduced to RSS about 8 months ago, and it has completely changed the way I use the internet. Infomation I am seeking, and likely to be interested in comes to me effortlessly. I use a site called Bloglines, but there are several. In fact the Dayton AMA has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to. Just click on the feedburner button in the links section of the page. Once you are there, just click on the subscribe with bloglines button or any of the other free RSS Feeds that are listed. From there start searching around for things that interest you. It may be topics like Dayton, or The New York Times, or Marketing. Whatever the topic, there is likely to be a feed for it. Subscribe and bang, news is sent to you. Think of it as surfing the web, but rather than driving to the ocean to surf, the ocean comes to you. Best of all you pick the waves. Learn about RSS. David Kirkpatrick - Cashing in on RSS - FORTUNE

Congrats,you really do excellent job
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