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I was at a meeting of the Dayton Ad Club today in which the topic of discussion was press releases, and how to effectively work with the news media. First let me say it was a great meeting, and I really enjoyed it. While I am not a member of the Ad club, I totally respect their work. Anyway, one gentleman asked the panel about the use of RSS feeds in obtaining a feel for the public perception of the world. He followed by commenting on how blogs can be a really great way to get your message out to the world, and that the local media should utilize this resource at least to some degree. He went on to site that there was a guy in Dayton who regularly posts information about marketing and other tidbits on a blog site that might be useful. Now I was curious to find out who the guy was and what site it was, so that I could check it out for myself. After the meeting I introduced myself to the gentleman, who is David Esrati, from The Next Wave. He runs a great marketing organization here in Dayton, and also maintains a blog through his site. I told him that I manage the Dayton AMA site, and he informed me that I was "the guy" he was talking about in the meeting. Very cool, and very flattering to be mentioned by a colleague in such a fashion. It turns out that I had mentioned his company a few months ago in a blog posting, and he read my post. Great stuff. Well, I was fortunate enough to speak with David for a few more minutes, and managed to get his business card. He is a great guy, and I hope that I can pick his brain sometime in the future. Just thought I would share a little story from the small world in which we live.The Next Wave: marketing innovation advertising

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