Introducing . . . Picture of the Week

With kudos and thanks to David for a great suggestion, I am pleased to introduce PhotoJim's "Picture of the Week."

Each Friday (when I'm not of town on a photo shoot) I will post a new image that was captured during previous week, symbolic of the season. Most will be nature, landscape or cityscape.

My first post is a slight step away from having been captured "within the last week."However, I think it's representative of all things summer. This image is also one of many added to my latest online gallery - A Last Look at Summer in Dayton - 2005. And yes, all images are available as prints, from 5"x7" to 24"x36", as well as non-exclusive, limited-use rights for print and e-publication.


First let me say "WOW" that is a great shot. Second let me say thanks for your willingness to be a regular contributor to the site.
What a beautiful shot of Dayton! Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more.
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