Thanks to Irene Dickey!!!

AMA Dayton held the first chapter meeting at the Schuster Center yesterday, September 14th, and WOW was it fantastic. President Greg Evans kicked off the meeting by introducing this year's board. Tracy Martin followed up with a rundown of coming events, and Shawn Frecska announced the Most Valuable Marketer contest, and then I had the pleasure of introducing the keynote speaker, Irene Dickey. Talk about hitting a home run! The presentation was fantastic. Irene spoke about emerging technology in marketing, and it was truly fantastic. She covered web development, e-commerce, m-commerce, blogs, and on and on. (There was even a fire drill thrown in for good measure) On behalf of the Dayton AMA I would like to personally thank Professor Dickey for coming and sharing her knowledge with us. Finally the meeting closed with Megan Hammerer rewarding 2 lucky attendees with gift certificates to Boston Stoker. If you were not able to attend, you missed a great event, but don't fret. We have more in store for you. October 12th is our next meeting and our speaker will be Rod Sommer from LJB. He will be discussing the challenging task of "Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing." This is going to be another home run. Check out the Dayton AMA homepage for more information and reserve your spot today! Thanks again to everyone who made the first meeting so fantastic.
Welcome - AMA Dayton Chapter - daytonama.marketingpower.com

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