Get Organized with 37 Signals!

What do I need to do? I ask myself this question frequently. Time is limited. In a given day, there is only so much that I can hope to accomplish, and thus I am always looking for tools to help me. I have found just such a tool set at 37 signals.
37 signals offers a wide variety of web based work and life management programs, all of which you can test drive for FREE. They offer everything from simple "to do" list applications to comprehensive project management software. Because the programs are web-based, you can access your information anywhere you can access the internet - a tremendous convenience. I have been utilizing Ta-da list - sharable to-do lists - and it has been great. Basecamp is their project management tool. There is a free version, and for under $100.00 a month, it offers a complete suite of tools. Because all of their products have free versions, you can test drive them all and see what works for you. The site is definitely worth a look, and the business model is completely web 2.0.
They also maintain an excellent blog entitled the Signal vs. Noise blog. It is great reading. Simple software to help you get organized: 37signals

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