Google Base Beta Launched!

File this post under the often overlooked marketing "P" of Place - as the channel for selling is changing today with the launch of Google Base. Why is this important? The answer is that now anyone can upload events, products, services, and anything else to Google, where it can be searched. Holding an event? List it. Selling a property you own? Upload the listing. Launching a new product? Upload it into Google. Need to fill a position? Post it on Google Base. The product is completely free, which makes it instantly appealing to everyone. While it is true that other sites like Craigslist already offer similar services, the reality is that they do not command the reach and scale of Google. In case you are wondering, I will be listing Dayton AMA events in Google Base starting today. Google Base

Once again, thanks for the heads-up Dave. I just started using the Google Web Analytical tool that you recommended earlier. It's great! And I will be using Google Base as well.
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