What's the big idea?

I try to avoid mentioning my employer too much on the Dayton AMA blog. However, when Relizon is in the paper, I feel no shame about pointing it out to the world. Jim Dillon wrote a very nice article in today's Dayton Daily News about the launch of the Relizon Idea Center in Grove City, Ohio. The idea center is a brand new 300,000 square foot facility, equipped with the latest and greatest in digital print, marketing fulfillment, warehousing, document management and more. Having recently visited it, I can say that it is quite impressive. The article featured quotes from my team-mate, John Specht - a.k.a. Captain Digital - and Sharon Williamson about the launch of the new facility. The idea center is a tremendous asset to Relizon. It provides us with an enhanced ability to create success stories for our customers. There is something nice about seeing your friends quoted in the paper, especially when it is about something so remarkable.
Relizon announces new 'Idea Center'

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