The Dayton AMA, Now on Squidoo!

The Dayton AMA is once again at the forefront of marketing innovation. How so you ask. Well, simply go to http://www.squidoo.com/daytonama. That is the url of the official Squidoo Lens of the Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association. The chapter was one of the firsts to enter the blogosphere, with the introduction of this blog, and now is the first, to my knowledge, to enter the "Squidoosphere." If you have no idea what Squidoo is all about, check it out. It is the brainchild of author Seth Godin, and is a place on the web where everyone is an expert on something. There is a mind blowing amount of information on a diverse range of topics. If you like it, build your own lens. Member Jim Crotty did just that. His Squidoo lens, is ranked in the top 250 out of tens of thousands of lenses, and is the top ranked site on the topic of digital photography. Squidoo is a great resource, and a great place to keep up with the Dayton AMA.
Squidoo : Dayton AMA

David - way to go! Thank for keeping the Dayton AMA at the forefront of emerging technology! You are the BEST!!!!
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