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Check out Early Expressions, the weblog of our gracious sponsor Early Express. The site is great. I am so happy to see Early Express embrace blogging as a way to generate business. Blogs are a wonderful way to educate people about your business, your services, and your corporate culture. Early Expressions does a nice job of all three. I look forward to reading more from Cindy, James, and co. Nice work! Where did they learn the skills to put this together? From the blogosopher seminar. The very same seminar that will be following our Java Talk on Feb 24th. The very same seminar that AMA members can get a 25% discount to attend. Put the web to work for you. Take the seminar and join the blogosphere.

Early Expressions

I highly recommend you attend this java talk and the Blogosopher Seminar. I managed to attend when there was like 6 inches a snow, I think the weather is clear for 2-24.

If you know nothing about blogs or consider yourself an expert there will be something at Blogosopher for you...
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