Picture of the Week

My picture of the week - Denver last week by way of Dayton this week.

See, I told you it would all balance out.

The annual conference of the North American Nature Photography Association was an incredible learning experience for me. The hot topics for this group of pro photographers included stock submissions and stock agencies, color management in digital printing and effective web site management and properly preparing images for optimal viewing on the internet.

I have a long list of improvements to make, but I'm on my way.

The reason I like this image (Denver at night from the steps of the state capital building) is because it is a good example on how to use a distortion correction lens, or, "tilt shift lens." Notice the lines on the buildings in the background. Getting the hang of a tilt-shift lens is a trial and error expirement. Fortunately I made use of the Canon reps. that were at the trade show portion of the conference.

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