Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video

To marketers the superbowl is not about football, it is about advertising. Just in case you were busy loading up on hot wings and nachos, while that great Bud Light Save Yourself spot was airing, Google video has dedicated a page to last night's commercials. What spot did you enjoy the most? Will it motivate you to use that product or service?
Super Bowl XL Commercials on Google Video

Great info! Thanks David! I will check out the ones I missed - but just for the record...my favorite one of the commercials I DID see was the Sprint commercial. There are two guys in the locker room and they are comparing the benefits and features of their phones...as one describes the "anti-theft" feature he dares the guy to try and steal his wallet and then proceeds to beam him in the forehead with his phone. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD FOR QUITE A WHILE! Why does physical pain bring us so much pleasure and humor?
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