April 12 Dayton AMA Chapter Meeting

e-Mail “Survivor”
How to Beat the other Players at the e-Mail Marketing Game
Sundeep Kapur, NCRecommerce
April 12, 2006

Based on shared real world experiences from top marketers worldwide, this session will provide 50 or more practical “insider tips” for improving the effectiveness of e-mail marketing campaigns, including content, segmentation, tracking, metrics, service, and branding. If you are looking for general theories, this is not for you. This is a “down and dirty” session with “tried and true” techniques that have already been proven effective for other successful multi-channel marketers.

This session will:
• Provide you with what questions you should be asking about your e-mail strategy.
• Make you aware of what your customers are thinking and competitors are doing about e-mail.
• Leave you with 50 practical ideas you can use immediately to improve your own e-mail marketing effectiveness.

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