Dayton Marketing Community

While I have a special affection for the Dayton AMA, there are several great marketing organizations in the Dayton area. With so much going on, it is easy to miss out on great events. With that in mind, I recently built a site called Dayton Marketing Community. In addition to informing visitors about upcoming Dayton AMA events, the site will feature job postings, local business news, coming events, and links to other marketing resources. The hope is that by placing all of these resources in one place, the Dayton Marketing Community, including the Dayton AMA, will grow stronger. Check out the site, and offer me you feedback.
Dayton Marketing Community

On Monday, 10/16/06, I received the postcard announcing the October 11th AMA Meeting at the Schuster Center. This is the second month in a row that the postcard has arrived a week late. This is not only ridiculous, but a waste of money. I guess it's also time for a new printer & mailing house. Dayton AMA is in trouble when it can't even market itself. -- Bob Wickens
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