Aerial Photography from an Unique Angle

One of the many benefits of being a small business owner is the opportunity to network with other professionals. Commercial photography is no exception.

Leisa and Wendel Atkins of Perfect Perspectives Aerial Photography provide a unique method for capturing aerial images of property and building projects. They utilize radio controlled helicopters with high-resolution digital cameras, enabling them to photograph properties from lower altitudes and in most cases more attractive angles as compared to aerial photography conducted from conventional aircraft.

And their equipment is a bit more expensive and involved than what you’ll find at the local hobby shop, as is their training and certification.

Leisa stopped by my studio a few weeks ago to show me samples of their work. I was very impressed. When I saw her print of the low-altitude print of Dayton’s 5th Street, I knew right away that they had a unique product and service. Check them out.

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